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August 26, 2010

Mondoweiss Gets it Wrong On CAMERA

Mondoweiss is not the place most people go for accurate information about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Nevertheless CAMERA is forced to address an erroneous report posted on that site by Jeff Klein.

In a post dated Aug. 23, 2010, Klein reports that CAMERA was involved in the controversy related to a mosque in Boston. Klein reported that court documents revealed that a campaign about the mosque in Roxbury “was organized by activists with the far-right pro-Israel David Project and CAMERA spearheaded by founder Charles Jacobs, who now heads […] “Americans for Peace and Tolerance.?

CAMERA had no involvement with any mosque-related protests. Like many other organizations and individuals, CAMERA was served with a subpoena from the mosque’s lawyers who demanded all communications it had concerning the mosque. Emails were collected and they amounted to CAMERA receiving blast emails, which were sent to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

The mosque’s lawyers had expressed a desire to depose CAMERA officials, but the case was settled before the depositions could took place.

In sum, there was no involvement on CAMERA’s part whatsoever regarding the Roxbury Mosque and in particular regarding the protests that Klein condemns.

Moreover, Charles Jacobs is not, as Klein indicates, a founder of CAMERA. As CAMERA’s website clearly states, the organization was founded in Washington, DC in 1982 by Winifred Meiselman, a teacher and social worker.

Jacobs was deputy director of the Boston Chapter of CAMERA, not CAMERA itself, for approximately two years in the late 1980s – but has had no affiliation with the organization since then.

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