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July 08, 2010

Huffington Post Commenters Blame Jews for CNN Firing


As previously noted by CAMERA, here and here, comments by CNN Senior Middle East Editor Octavia Nasr praising former Lebanese Shiite cleric Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah reflected poorly on the credibility of CNNs Middle East coverage, prompting the network to dismiss her. But among commenters at the Huffington Post , one of the largest and most influential news blogs in the world, there was sympathy for Nasr. Her firing was widely attributed to the nefarious Jewish control of the media.

The following are a sampling of comments from the Huffington Post piece on July 8, 2010 blaming the Jews for Nasr's firing:

BassguyGG 1 hour ago (12:41 PM) There is no freedom of speech in this country for anyone in public life anymore when it comes to the Middle East. Anyone who disagrees with Israel or says anything good about their enemies is immediately and summarily destroyed. First Helen Thomas now Nasr.
gigli 1 hour ago (12:35 PM) Wow. Fired for a political opinion. One not in favor of Israel. Shock. Any wonder why the Muslim world thinks we hate them and are waging a war against Islam? It's never going to stop while this kind of nonsense keeps going on.
sparky73 1 hour ago (12:22 PM) Ofcourse she was right to praise this man but since the J*ws control the media there was no way she was going to be able to keep her job.
hazelrahra 36 minutes ago (1:17 PM) How much more obvious in their pro-Israel bias can the mainstream "liberal" media get? I wonder if Wolf Blitzer would lose his job if he made a statement voicing his respect for, say, Ariel Sharon or Ehud Olmert on their passings-both war criminals. I very much doubt it. But when an Arab-American editor voices her opinion/exercises free speech w/r/t a Lebanese cleric who reportedly called for the destruction of Israel--the occupier and oppressor, past and present, of the Palestinian and Lebanese people--well, those WORDS are far more reprehensible, apparently, than the actual DEEDS of Israel. In other words, blacklist, fire, slander, prevent from getting published, prevent from being performed, simply prevent from having a voice anyone and anything critical of Israel--and all those remotely associated with them--but bulldoze all the crops, houses, schools, ancient cemeteries and centers for autism you want, and drop all the white phosphorus on women and children and hospitals you want, and burn them to a crisp, and then go and voice your respect for those who do. Just make sure you get your oppressor and victim straight, because whether you have a voice will be dependent on that.
GCitizen 2 hours ago (11:31 AM) This just shows you the bias of the U.S. mass media and the great influence of the Israeli lobbies in the U.S. CNN and Fox News are full of journalists defending the Israeli occupation and terrorism such as Wolf Blitzer and Glenn Beck on air. When a CNN editor showed respect for one of Isreal's enemies in a personal Tweet, she is fired because of all the noise and hate coming from Israel and the Israeli lobbies in the U.S. toward her.
imajoebob 3 hours ago (11:07 AM) This is "integrity" by the company that spawned Glenn Beck. The lie here isn't even thinly veiled. If she tweeted that Ariel Sharon (the actual creator of the intifada) was the greatest man who ever lived she'd be lionized for her political insight. But saying something minimally positive about an Arab she hit the third rail for American media: don't cross the Israeli lobby. Let's not pretend it's anything other than that.
Southern Comfort 3 hours ago (11:04 AM) I wonder if she would have been fired had she made a remark about an Israeli leader? I sincerely doubt it. Coming right after the medias near lynching of Helen Thomas, this clearly shows the American medias anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bias. I can only imagine she will be replaced with a pro-Israeli mouthpiece, as compared to someone who truly knows the Middle East.
NamvetPR 3 hours ago (10:44 AM) Another example of the power of the Jewish lobbying in every public aspect of our lives. Whose democracy is it anyway???

Posted by SS at July 8, 2010 02:07 PM


I guess one can always criticize Islam but then you risk getting killed.

Posted by: Liebo at July 8, 2010 03:41 PM

I am not for firing people because they have differing views...

However, I am pro-Israel...

I say...with Sheik Fadlahlahlahlahlah...gone...maybe there is hope for peace...

The Fadlahlahlhah's are stooges for the evil regime in Teheran...

Posted by: Rollie Kenmore at July 8, 2010 11:36 PM

Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr were exercising their First Amendment rights for which many brave people, excluding Jews, fought, sacrificed and died. Any insidious ingrate who is too fragile for our Democracy should not be in our country. Parisa Khosravi is the person who should be fired.
Terrorism and Israel are synonymous. Begin, Shamir and Ben-Gurion all terrorists and all prime ministers of Israel and of course Sharon is the butcher of Lebanon. While Israeli troops stood by providing light from flares, the Phalangist entered the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. There were no PLO fighters there. They found only old men, women and children and slaughtered several hundred. The Kahan Commission found Sharon indirectly responsible for the massacres at Sabra and Shatila. Sharon was dismissed as Minister of Defense by Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The crimes of Ariel Sharon are many. Ariel Sharon, the man who in 1983 was not fit to be “minister of defense�, was called, “an enemy of the people� and “worse than evil� became Israel’s prime minister. Ben-Gurion - Haganah, Menachem Begin - Irgun Z’vai Leumi and Yitzhak Shamir, all terrorists, all prime ministers of Israel! Israel was born out of terrorism. Olmert launched a terrorist assault on Gaza and Netanyahu assaulted the Gaza flotilla. Hezbollah and Hamas are not the problem. Jews are the problem and Americans are tired of the Jew problem. Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr spoke the truth and those who are to fragile for facts, should leave America, now! Bon Voyage!

Posted by: Chagrined [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 9, 2010 01:47 AM

Yes, of course! The religious adherents that flew planes into skyscrapers, blew up subways and public places in England, Spain and other countries, CUT OFF a filmmaker's head in Holland- because he made a film attacking the brutal, misogynist suppression of women- and threatened to KILL cartoonists and other people in Denmark, because they merely PORTRAYED their "prophet," are the sane normal ones. And Israel, which is the size of New Jersey and surrounded by 100 million Arabs in a gargantuan land, many of whom wear ski mask-type head covering covered with fanatical INSANE religious scrawlings, is so far out of line to DEFEND itself from constant violent terrorism and threat of more serious physical attack. Sure. Right. Of course.

Posted by: Gert Schnerggeter at July 9, 2010 02:59 AM

It would help your cause if you would post a link to the Huffington Post article that actually worked.
Huffington Post usually has thousands of "comments" on stories related to the Middle East and you have only shown "a sampling of comments" (8) .

Posted by: mick at July 20, 2010 08:17 AM

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