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July 02, 2010

British Judge and Jury Exonerate Anti-Israel Criminals


Robin Shepherd and Melanie Phillips comment on an outrageous judgement in southern England exonerating seven criminals who illegally entered and vandalized an arms factory that sold military equipment to Israel because they claimed their motive was to thwart Israeli "war crimes." Although they admitted to a crime causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage that would ordinarily carry a heavy sentence, the judge, George Bathurst-Norman, reportedly sent the jury off to deliberate with the following words, "You may well think that hell on earth would not be an understatement of what the Gazans suffered in that time."

Robin Shepherd comments:

Bigotry against the Jewish state is now so entrenched in contemporary British society that juries have begun to acquit criminals merely if they can show that they acted against Israeli interests. No other defence is necessary....

Ms. Phillips comments:

Under the combined weight of ideology and bigotry, the rule of law itself seems to be breaking down in Britain.

She further points out that this British judge is "no bleeding heart liberal", that in 2003, he jailed a man for three months for beheading a statue of Margaret Thatcher. At that time, he said that " smashing up property deserved a custodial sentence."

Ms. Phillips provides more interesting details about the judge, which may provide a clue as to why "this apparent law’n’order zealot gave the people who smashed up this factory a free pass in this way".

Posted by RH at July 2, 2010 01:49 PM


I believe there is something more sinister at foot here. These protestors have been targetting this factory for some time.
See for example;
Obviously believing that to claim that they were trying to destroy the factory to prevent arms being sent to British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan would not be approved by an English Jury it would appear that they therefore cooked up a story that they were trying to get arms stopped to Israel. I would be interested to know if their previous attempts to target the EDO factory before Caste Lead were brought to the jury’s attention in the case.
Their actions would have had no effect on Israel’s justifiable and legal efforts by force of arms to prevent the terrorist entity in Gaza from firing rockets into Israeli cities. As such they have succeeded in carrying out criminal damage to EDO which has been their aim all along without fear of punishment and in the process have used Israel as a scapegoat.
Questions have to be asked. Who was responsible for appointing a judge who obviously should have recused himself given the prejudicial nature of the terms his direction to the jury? What connection does that person have with the defendants and/or with pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel organisations? What we have here is a classic anti-Semitic plot.

Posted by: Nachman at July 3, 2010 04:54 PM

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