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June 29, 2010

A "Flaming Liberal" Explains Why She Supports Israel

On her blog, Sharon Cobb, former contributor to NBC Nightly News, explains why she, a "flaming liberal", is pro-Israel and why she gets "more grief" about it from her liberal friends than from anyone else.

Yes, the Palestinians live in terrible conditions in Gaza. But why do you blame Israel?...

...I've posed this question before: If your next door neighbor repeatedly told you he is going to kill you, would you say "Okay," or would you defend yourself and even take offensive measures to keep your family safe?..

... but it's because of Hamas they live in poverty, not because of Israel or America. Hamas is too busy using the money we send for humanitarian aid for weapons to destroy Israel.

Read the whole thing.

She might want to add that it doesn't help to have Hamas extremists going around vandalizing UN summer camps that compete with their militant message of Jew-hate. (See "Palestinian Extremists Accuse UN Camps of Corrupting Gazan Youth With 'Human Rights' Lessons". )

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