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April 18, 2010

NY Times Corrects: Ramat Shlomo Not a Settlement

The New York Times has corrected a photo caption of a Reuters image that it ran Thursday, April 15. The error and correction follow:

Error (photo caption, 4/15/10): Ultra-Orthodox Jews last month in Ramat Shlomo, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. (Amir Cohen/Reuters)

Correction (4/16/10):A picture caption on Thursday with the continuation of a news analysis article about a shift in the Obama administration's Middle East policy referred incorrectly to Ramat Shlomo, the name of a Jewish housing development that Israel says it is expanding despite objections by the United States and the Palestinian Authority. It is a neighborhood in East Jerusalem, not a settlement in the West Bank.

Posted by TS at April 18, 2010 05:14 AM


Ramat Shlomo isn't in "East Jerusalem" -- it's in "Northwest Jerusalem"!

This is hardly a retraction.

Posted by: Stan Brin at April 20, 2010 04:30 AM

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