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April 01, 2010

Critique of New York Times Anti-Israel Editorial

David Harris responds to a recent Times editorial that, like so many of that newspaper's editorials, excoriated Israel while virtually ignoring Palestinian responsibility for the situation in the Levant:

On March 27, The New York Times published a lead editorial entitled "Mr. Obama and Israel".

It was a bare-knuckled assault on Israel. That will bring joy to Israel's critics. But it did a disservice to the realities on the ground.

Of the editorial's twenty-six sentences, exactly one - "He [President Obama] must also press Palestinians and Arab leaders just as forcefully." - is devoted to Israel's neighbors.

That's the sum total given to other side of the peace-process equation. It reads like a throwaway line to cover that flank.

Of course, getting serious about peace, which is the editorial's nominal purpose, requires more attention to those who have rejected every serious overture - from the 1947 UN Partition Plan to the 2009 two-state proposal offered by Prime Minister Olmert.

And it necessitates a more thorough review of the past 14 months since President Obama took office - and of most of the Arab world's failure to respond to Washington's pleas for confidence-building measures.

Read the rest here.

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