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January 04, 2010

Pianist Denounces BBC Anti-Israel Bias

Britain's Jewish Chronicle reports:

The Russian-born pianist Evgeny Kissin, who became a British citizen in 2002, has accused the BBC of “slander and bias� against Israel, broadcasting material he describes as “painfully reminiscent of the old Soviet anti-Zionist propaganda�.

Mr Kissin, 38, who until now has not generally been known as politically engaged, has written to the director-general of the BBC, Mark Thompson. According to a close friend of the pianist, he has decided to become “actively involved in exposing and countering the evil propaganda of certain British media and especially the BBC.�

Posted by GI at January 4, 2010 03:06 PM


I am glad to see him weigh in on the subject. The BBC's bias against Israel is contemptible and threatens the lives of Jews all over the world: we are under threat from those radicalized by this bias. Today non Jews in Britain believe Israel to be the greatest problem in the world today while, thanks to the BBC's rigid political correctness, average British citizens find themselves strangers in their own country. As for the Jews of Britain, unless there are dramatic changes, face a second expulsion from Britain. The far left, the far right and the Islamic radicals have all teamed up against them.

Posted by: GB at January 4, 2010 06:09 PM

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