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January 05, 2010

Koch to Carter On Forgiveness

Koch to Carter.jpg

Ed Koch (Getty Images)

Like CAMERA, former New York Mayor Ed Koch sent a letter to Jimmy Carter asking the former president to follow up on his request for forgiveness from the Jewish people with concrete actions. Koch, a keynote speaker at CAMERA's 2004 annual dinner, wrote:

When Jimmy Carter asks the Jewish community for forgiveness, I believe it is incumbent upon him to list what he believes he has done that requires forgiveness. I also think we should know, if after leaving the presidency he received any gifts, lecture fees or loans from Arab nations. He should make available any correspondence he has had during that period with Arab governments and list all the compensation he has received from them. I also would suggest that he hold a press conference at which journalists could ask him questions on the entire subject. Then and only then would the Jewish community be in a position to decide whether or not to grant him forgiveness. He should also know there is no one person who can grant him forgiveness in the Jewish community.

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