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November 11, 2009

Ha'aretz Prints Rare Retraction of Substantive Error

Haaretz correction moskowitz sm.jpg

Today Ha'aretz has printed a rare retraction of a substantive factual error. The retraction, on the bottom of page two, reads:

On May 19, 2009, Haaretz published an article headlined "Against IDF rules, Moskowitz group directly funds units." Due to translation and editing errors, the article erroneously reported that the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation "gives money directly to Israel Defense Forces units, flouting IDF regulations." The article describes Yashar Lachayal as "an organization belonging to the Moskowitz Foundation [that] raises funds for . . . financial support for soldiers." this is inaccurate, and we apologize for any damage and inconvenience caused to the Foundation and Dr. Moskowitz as a result of the factual errors in the article.

The online version of the article by Anshel Pfeffer appears here. The Internet version has yet to be corrected or updated. If the correction does not appear online, where it is archived for posterity, the retraction will literally end up in the dustbin of history.

Given Ha'aretz's utter refusal to retract countless straight-forward factual errors, we wonder what hoops Mr. Moskowitz was forced to jump achieve this step, however limited.

Now how about a Ha'aretz correction on its U.N. Resolution 242 error?

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