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November 22, 2009

Christians Attacked In Egypt

By now, it has become axiomatic that acknowledging, and condemning, Muslim violence against Jews or Christians in the Middle East is just not in the intellectual repetoire of mainline Protestant peacemakers in the United States. If suffering cannot be laid at the feet of Israel, it's almost not worth mentioning.

Here is another episode of violence that Christian peacemakers in the U.S. will either have to ignore, or somehow blame on Israel. The Associated Press reports that "Hundreds of of Muslim protesters on Saturday burnt Christian-owned shops in southern Egypt and attacked a police station where they believed a Christian accused of raping a Muslim girl was being held, a police official said."

The prophetic voice of Christian peacemakers has a hair trigger when it comes to pointing out the mistreatment of Palestinians in the West Bank by Israelis. But the proverbial frog seems to have built a well-furnished home in the throat of these same peacemakers when it comes to discussing the mistreatment of religious and ethnic minorities elsewhere in the Middle East.

Posted by dvz at November 22, 2009 03:35 PM


This is most unfortunate. Such incidents reveal the violent nature of the people. I am glad the world will know the true colours of such people. This is Ben from Israeli Uncensored News

Posted by: Ben at November 29, 2009 08:54 PM

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