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October 11, 2009

Kid-Friendly Palestinian TV Thrives!

nyt Samantha Shapiro.jpg

The latest New York Times whitewash on Palestinian incitement, this time a New York Times Magazine article by Samantha Shapiro, insists:

Children make up a majority of the population in the Palestinian territories, and they have played an iconic role in the Palestinian national struggle. But there is very little programming created with them in mind.

In actuality, there has been Hamas' kid-friendly Farfur character, whose resemblance to Mickey Mouse stops when he opens his mouth and calls on kids to pick up AK-47s. After his "martyrdom" at the hands of Israelis, Farfur was followed by his cousin Nahoul, a giant Jihadi bee who promised to carry on his rodent relative's commitment to "Islam, heroism, martyrdom, and the mujahideen."

And just eight days before Shapiro's article claiming that the Palestinian children's entertainment needs have been largely ignored, Nassur the bear made an appearance on Hamas TV, saying: “We want to slaughter [the Jews] so that they leave our land, right??

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