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October 21, 2009

Newsflash: Goldstone Report Does NOT Condemn Hamas

In what has become a virtually universally accepted formulaic description of the Goldstone Report, journalists write over and over again that the document condemns both Israel and Hamas for war crimes.

But it is Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzook, speaking on Al-Arabiya, who disillusions all those duped by this claim. Palestinian Ma'an News Agency reports:

Speaking on Al-Arabiya, Moussa Abu Marzouq reiterated the party’s stance on the UN-mandated Goldstone report, which says there is evidence of war crimes in the actions of Israel and Gaza factions during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in December and January.

“It was all Palestinian factions who launched projectiles,? Abu Marzouq said, “including Fatah,? indicating that the report does not single out Hamas.

Tipped off by Abu Marzook, Elder of Zion blogger reexamines the Goldstone Report, and concludes,

Sure enough, the report does everything possible not to explicitly name Hamas as being in violation of any humanitarian laws. . . . . The only recommendations in the report to "Gaza authorities" are to release political detainees and to "continue to enable the free and independent operation of Palestinian non-governmental organizations.

It's worth reading Elder's entire analysis, but here's a highlight:

Going back to the section that is about Qassam rocket attacks against Israel, here is the first time the word "Hamas" is written in the body of the report, para. 1608:

On 20 April 2009, a member of Hamas called on other armed groups to stop firing rockets “in the interests of the Palestinian people?

Unbelievably, Hamas is only mentioned as a force that wants to stop rocket fire!

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