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October 09, 2009

Mapping the Global Muslim Population

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has published a comprehensive breakdown of the world Muslim population.

The study highlights some interesting facts on the Muslim population and confirms lower estimates of the US Muslim population at around 2 to 2.5 million.

More than half of the world Muslim population resides in South and Southeast Asia. Four countries - Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh - account for 44 percent of the world's 1.57 billion Muslims.

The Middle East and North African region contains 20 percent of the world Muslim population, but has the highest proportion of Muslims in its population. Over 90 percent of inhabitants of Middle Eastern and North African states are Muslim.

Considering the difficulties Europe is having adjusting to its increasing Muslim population, it is interesting to note how low the proportion of Muslims are in most European countries. Muslims are now 3 percent of the UK's population. In France and in the Netherlands, the figure is about 6 percent and in Sweden and Norway, around 1 percent. Russia, it turns out, has the largest Muslim population among European states, with over 16 million, making up nearly 12 percent of the population.

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