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October 08, 2009

Ex-Congressman (and Felon) James Traficant Bashes Israel and Jews


Released after serving seven years in a federal prison for racketeering and bribery, James Traficant is touring the media circuit including an appearance (Sept. 29, 2009) on Hannity (Fox News Network) with Sean Hannity. While Mr. Traficant regularly engages in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rants, Sean Hannity is not among those interviewers who fail to challenge the sort of bizarre condemnations that Traficant traffics in.

Here is an excerpt from the Hannity/Traficant interchange:

TRAFICANT: I believe they (Jews and Israel) control the Senate and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

HANNITY: That's insane.

TRAFICANT: And they're controlling our foreign policy.

HANNITY: That's -- Congressman, that's conspiratorial.

TRAFICANT: Well, that your opinion.

HANNITY: Conspiratorial nut-job stuff.

Click here to read a transcript of the Hannity/Traficant interchange.

Press the play button below to view the Hannity/Traficant interchange (9 minutes):

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