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September 08, 2009

McClatchy on Aftonbladet's Blood Libel

Fridea Ghitis of the Miami Herald hits the nail on the head, identifying Donald Bostrom's unsubstantiated Aftonbladet article alleging that Israelis are stealing Palestinian organs as the latest in a long line of Arab blood libels:

Former Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass published the best-seller "The Matzah of Zion," repeating the bizarre Passover recipe and worse. The book still sells briskly among credulous Muslims. The Egyptian government paper Al-Ahram expounded in 2000 with an article, Jewish Matzah Made from Arab Blood.

Rumors about the gory acts of Israelis against Arabs and Muslims swirl in Arab towns. That is where the Swedish "journalist" scooped up his nonstory. Palestinian television frequently reports its own "exclusives." Recent stories have included accusations of giant killer rats released by Israelis to attack Palestinians, monstrous medical experiments, deliberate AIDS infections, Palestinians' eyes burned with red-hot stakes.

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