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July 20, 2009

NCHR — The 'H' Stands for Hypocrisy?

Okay, technically the 'H' does not stand for hypocrisy. NCHR is short for the National Centre for Human Rights, an organization founded, and funded, by the Kingdom of Jordan.

But it only takes a peek at the Jordanian constitution to realize that "hypocrisy" is the most apt word to describe NCHR's recent statement, reported in Ha'aretz, that "calling Israel a Jewish state 'runs counter to the international criteria of human rights as enshrined in the relevant international declarations which ban all forms of discrimination.'"

Article one of Jordan's constitution begins: "The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an independent sovereign Arab State."

The second article adds that "Islam is the religion of the State."

Let's not even get into Article 3, section 2 of Jordan's Law No. 6 of 1954 on Nationality, which was last amended 1987. (But if you want to take a peak, click here. And while there, see if you can count the number of other clauses that discriminate in favor of Arabs.)

Although this is a particularly egregious of hypocrisy, the technique is common to the wider world of anti-Israel evangelism. After all, it's easy to demonize someone as violating standards when you impose a unique set of standards to them and them alone.

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