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September 28, 2008

Study: US Textbooks Biased

textbook bias.jpe

A new study by the Institute for Community and Jewish Research finds that American textbooks for all grades contain "gross misrepresentations" of Judiasm, Israel and Christianity. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Among the claims made about Israel in some of the textbooks are that Arab countries never initiated wars against Israel, Arab nations desire peace while Israel does not and that it was Israel that placed Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab lands, not Arab governments. No mention whatsoever was found relating to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries who were forced out after the establishment of Israel. . .

The study compared language used in describing Jewish and Christian belief with that describing Muslim belief. "The textbooks tend to be critical of Jews and Israel, disrespectful about Christianity, and rather than represent Islam in an objective way, tend to glorify it," says [researcher Dennis] Ybarra.

Posted by TS at September 28, 2008 05:18 AM


As a child of gentile and Jewish parents, and as a retired teacher, I find the information contained in the book, "Trouble with Textbooks" appalling. It reminds me of when my children were young, they studied from a textbook adopted by the Levittown School Board, which portrayed Manhattan as connected to mainland New York State. A real national leader would appoint a special commission to investigate the abuse or neglect practiced by publishers.

Posted by: Andy at October 1, 2008 09:34 PM

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