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July 15, 2008

LA Times Corrects: Not a Wall, After All

security fence.jpe

The Los Angeles Times yesterday corrected a falsehood that appeared in a July 7 article by Ashraf Khalil:

West Bank barrier: An article in Monday's Section A about divisions between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem said a "massive concrete barrier" separates Israel from much of the West Bank. The barrier is a series of walls, trenches and fences and is not all concrete.

The paper has failed to correct, though, a July 3 news brief about the planned prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah. The brief falsely stated that "All the Lebanese prisoners to be freed by Israel are alive." In fact, remains of nearly 200 Lebanese and other Arabs will be turned over to Lebanon, as CAMERA pointed out to the LA Times.

The paper did not print a correction, though it did have a news brief and photo July 8 about Israel's efforts to dig up the Lebanese remains in the days before the exchange. Nevertheless, the printing of correct information does not abrogate the need to correct an earlier false report. Write to Readers Representative Jamie Gold at .

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