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June 30, 2008

IHT's 'Obama Bin Laden' Slip-Up

osama-bin-laden correction2.jpe

The International Herald Tribune had to print a very embarrassing correction this weekend:

An article Wednesday about accusations that an advisor to Senator John McCain was injecting fears of terrorism into the presidential campaign misspelled the first name of the leader of Al Qaeda. He is Osama bin Laden, not Obama. (June 27)

And last week, the paper ran a correction concerning another prominent figure: Jesus. The June 21-22 correction was:

An article on April 23 about efforts in the village of Malula, Syria, and two neighboring villages to preserve Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus, referred incorrectly to the name of the region where Jesus spent most of his time. It was Galilee -- not Palestine, which derives from the word Palestina, the name that Roman conquerors gave to the region more than 100 years after Jesus's death.

Snapshot earlier wrote about this error, which also appeared in the New York Times, here.

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