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June 01, 2008

How to Battle the 'Strategic Arab Weapon'


In the wake of the Karsenty victory, Danny Seaman, director of Israel's Government Press Office, observes in Ynet:

Media manipulation has in fact turned into a strategic Arab weapon used against the State of Israel. It is used as an equalizer vis-à-vis Israel’s military advantages while boosting the Arabs’ global status vis-à-vis Israel.

His suggestions to push back this weapon?

Therefore, exposing the truth behind the Muhammad al-Dura events is vital for the elimination of the phenomenon of staged media reports and for undermining the natural manner with which this phenomenon is accepted by global media outlets and the leniency they show to it. . . .

The establishment of a public relations office in the Prime Minister’s Office could be an important factor in this struggle. In order to truly succeed in the media war, a structural bureaucratic change and additional funds are not enough. It is vital to internalize the essence of the struggle which the state contends with in the media. Members of the office must be willing to dedicate the required effort, while displaying public courage at times, in order to disprove and thwart the blood libels formulated by the Palestinians and to force global media outlets to adhere to professional standards.

In addition, as proven by Karsenty, Shahaf, Landes, journalists Gérard Huber and Stéphane Juffa, and others, the state can and should enlist the assistance of private professionals who are willing to fight for the State of Israel’s good name and for the truth.

Posted by TS at June 1, 2008 06:04 AM


Its sad that Danny Seaman did not apologize, because the Israel Government fought Karsenty almost every step of the way

Posted by: Yidwithlid [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 1, 2008 08:30 PM

Danny Seaman was actually the only government official that has spoken out consistantly on this matter and supported Karsenty. I heard Karsenty say that himself last night. He paid a heavy professional price for that support.

Posted by: Israeli at November 19, 2008 07:15 AM

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