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May 11, 2008

Instead of Correcting, Ha'aretz Attacks the Messenger

Gideon_Levy McCarthyism.jpe
Gideon Levy calls a correction request "persecution," "slander," and McCarthyism

Instead of correcting last week's outrageously false report that West Bank Palestinians only have one place to swim in the entire West Bank, Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy chooses instead to attack the messenger. He writes in a column today:

Camera, a McCarthyist group that persecutes journalists in the United States, is directing its absurd persecution and slander campaigns against the Israeli media as well.

Thus, in Levy's warped view, requests for a correction and a challenge of a report's factual accuracy is "slander," "persecution" and McCarthyism. American mainstream media outlets would forthrightly correct such a gross falsehood when confronted with incontrovertible documentation. Ha'aretz, in contrast, continues to dig itself a deeper hole.

Posted by TS at May 11, 2008 03:51 AM


Gideon Levy is a hero and selflessly defends Palestinians from israeli dictatorship. So what if there are some pools in Palestine? You need to see the whople picture, not just one example. You also claim that Al Dura was a Palestinian " Palewood" This is nonsense. Do you expect us to believe this?

Posted by: Yaakov Sullivan at May 11, 2008 07:50 PM

Yaakov -- If advocacy for the Palestinians -- as opposed to accurate reporting -- is your cause, then Gideon's your man.

Posted by: TS at May 12, 2008 03:58 AM

Would Levy write "Nato" instead of "NATO"? "Usa" instead of "USA"? Levy's writing "Camera" instead of the acronym CAMERA (Committee for ACCURACY in Middle East Reporting in America) may be regarded as a typical Freudian Slip. Gideon Levy doesn't care for "Accuracy in Reporting" as much as he doesn't like the "camera" that exposes him and his colleagues in Israel and abroad, who don?t want the true facts be standing in the way of their agenda.

Posted by: Mike at May 12, 2008 11:55 AM

Oh yes, Yaakov Sullivan our Jewish Catholic gay critique who supports the Johan Haris, Finkelsteins and Chompskys and other anti-Israeli bigots of the world decides to side with Gideon Levy. Big surprise. Gideon Levy, instead of answering hs critics, like Hari, seeks to denegrade and demean them. Instead of facts, he (Levy) and the other anti-Zionists (and anti-Semites) resort to unsubstantiated attacks and ad hoc gratuitious slanders, portaraying themselves as victims. It is amusing that journalists, who invariably have the last say, cannot even retort using facts and substantiated claims. To call a spade a spade they are cowards, fifth columnists, self hating Kapos and anti-Semites.

Posted by: Dan Ruben at May 12, 2008 03:25 PM

"So what if there are some pools in Palestine?" Yakoov asks.
There's very much about it, because we in Europe always hear that Palestinians often don't even have enough water (in their homes) when in contrast the Jewish settlers can swim in their pools. That's what I always hear and what I even believed (though I never thought the situation was really that drammatic) - so I'm very glad now to have, with these pictures of CAMERA, an argument against this propaganda shit. (Perhaps in Palestine there's really sometimes a water penury, I don't know, but as I see people are far from being thirsty.)
Thank you for your pictures and the comments, CAMERA.

Posted by: Gwunderi at May 16, 2008 08:11 AM

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