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April 04, 2008

Terrorist Admits Arafat was Behind Intifada

Back in Abu Amar's day [the nom de guerre of Yasser Arafat], we had a plan, there was a strategy, and we would carry his orders...Everything that was done in the intifada was done according to Arafat's instructions, but he didn't need to tell us the things explicitly. We understood his message.

This candid statement by Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorist Zakariya Zubeidi in an interview appearing in Ha'aretz (April 4, 2008) attests to the direct involvement of former Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in the campaign of violence that erupted in September 2000 and lasted for four years.

Zubeidi's confession that "we failed entirely" contrasts with the position, advocated by some of Israel's critics, that the terror campaign could not be contained by steadfast application of tough measures. According to Zubeidi,

We, the activists, paid the heavy price. We've had family members killed, friends. They demolished our homes and we have no way of earning a living. And what is the result? Zero. Simply zero.

Zubeidi takes the position that Israel and the West have to do more to help Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and threatens that unless a state is established soon there will be war between Palestinian factions. But his comments also suggest that the current government may be irremediably weak, raising questions over the wisdom of the unprecedented financial support that the US, EU and Israeli government have committed to propping it up.

When considering Zubeidi's comments, it is important to keep in mind that he is a terrorist whose sincerity is suspect and motives for speaking out opportunistic. But nevertheless, his frank assessment of the failure of the intifada and Yasir Arafat's role in fomenting and directing it, exposes the naivete and knavery of those like internationally reknowned writers, Bao Dei, Juan Guytisolo, the committee that selected Arafat for the Nobel Peace prize and BBC journalist Barbara Plett, who fawned over the former Palestinian leader and waxed poetic over his virtues.

Posted by SS at April 4, 2008 10:06 AM


where does the author read that Zubeidi thinks that the west and Israel should support Abbas?
Also, the author takes no note of Zubeidi's leaving Al-Aqsa, or his biography. Had they read his biography, they would know that he comes from a peaceful family, involved in Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation and peace. Although after almost his entire family was killed by Israel he turned militant. Important details.

Posted by: mike at April 6, 2008 12:59 PM

Mike is correct that Zubeidi did not explicitly state that Israel and the West have to do more for Abbas to help establish a state and avoid a war. His comments, however, suggest that is the only way to avoid such a conflict:
"Abu Mazen's that he is gambling everything on the negotiations. And what happens if the talks fail? What is his plan then? I'm telling you that if by the end of 2008 a Palestinian state isn't established, there is going to be a war here."
And: "the PA, as Zubeidi says, has 'zero achievements' to show: limping negotiations, Israeli unwillingness to help..."
And the author of the piece reinforces this theme: "Nearly the only scenario that could change the face of things is, of course, a political agreement or a framework agreement between the PA and Israel."

Mike may find the alleged details of Zubeidi's biography relevant. I don't. Every terrorist finds a justification for becoming one.

Posted by: steve at April 7, 2008 11:39 AM

Arafat hand-picked Abu Mazen (Abbas) to be his right-hand man - not because he was a relation or for his good looks -- but because they were two peas in a pod. Abbas is, and always has been, an Arafat clone.

Seems like everyone, except the IDF and French filmmakes Pierre Rehov, falsely believed that Arafat was "helpless" to do anything about the intifada, and continued to pour hundreds of millions of aid into his pockets and the pockets of his cronies.

go onto YouTube and search for "Trojan Horse: a film by Pierre Rehov," I have that film and his other film, "Israel: Images of War," and I plan on posting clips from them showing Arafat announcing to his faithful that the only acceptable goal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO/PA) is a "Palestine from the River to the Sea."

If anyone thinks that Abbas does not have the same vision, he or she is sadly mistaken.

Arafat had a great scam going. On one hand, he was directing and financially supporting the homicide attacks against Israel, while on the other hand, claiming that he needed more money to train and arm more "Policemen" to "fight" the terrorists.

And the money went right down the rat hole.

Any terrorists arrested by Arafat's "policemen" spent less time in jail than most of us spend going to the bathroom.

The Hamas-Fatah split was the best thing to ever happen to Abbas because now, like Arafat did, he has someone else to blame all of the terrorist attacks.

I say, "someone else," because the military wing of Abbas' own party, the Al-Aksa Martyrs, has been responsible, along with Islamic jihad, for every major terrorist attack in Israel since 2000, and presently is almost solely responsible for all the terrorist attacks against Israelis except for Gaza and the areas near Gaza after Hamas seized control.

Negotiating any "peace agreement" with Abbas will be no different than all of the failed attempts with Arafat.

Abbas has said, publically, that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Which part of that do the idiots in the Israeli government NOT understand?

Posted by: DrRJP at April 12, 2008 01:09 PM

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