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April 15, 2008

A Monument to News, Warts and All

The International Herald Tribune reports today on the opening of the new Newseum, a $450 million Washington DC monument to the news industry. The Tribune notes that despite the grandiosity of the place,

there's at least one sign that the Newseum knows when not to take itself too seriously: scattered tiles in the museum bathrooms are inscribed with journalistic gaffes and embarrassing corrections.

The Tribune also reports:

Along with the many testimonials to journalistic courage and a memorial to journalists who lost their lives on the job, there are examples of distortions that mar the profession: the frauds perpretrated by a Pulitzer Prize winner or by a trusted reporter . . . or even Peter Arnett's 1991 broadcast on CNN that seemingly swallowed the Saddam Hussein's government account of the United States having bombed a "baby-milk plant."

CAMERA's collection of Israel-related corrections (including the outrageous ones) can be found not on our bathroom floors, but here on our site.

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