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January 27, 2008

Fertiliser to Be Seen, But Not Photographed

Gaza crossing.jpe
Gazans returning to the strip from Egypt carry a variety of goods -- food, foam mattresses and fertiliser used to make explosives -- among them. Don't expect to see photos of the latter/AP photo by Nasser Nasser

It's not only in the artificially darkened Hamas headquarters where Hamas is controlling the images. Even in the chaos of the Gaza-Egypt border, Hamas men decide what the Western world will and will not see. Thus Tim Butcher of the Telegraph reports:

Fertiliser, broken down into half bags for lugging through the many tunnels that arms smugglers normally use for delivery into Gaza, was to be seen as it was manhandled overland.

It was white, oily, crystalline and a dab on the tongue left a sharp, burning sensation.

In most countries fertiliser has a perfectly innocent function but in Gaza militants use it to make explosive.

"Hey, hey, hey," shouted a man as I took a photograph of a pile of fertiliser half bags.

His aggressive tone jarred with the mood the crowd as he grabbed my camera lens firmly.

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