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July 16, 2007

PCHR: Hamas Attacked Reuters Journalists

Hamas has a peculiar understanding of what "treatment with dignity" entails. In the Los Angeles Times last week, Hamas spokesman Mousa Abu Mazook claimed that that under Hamas, Gaza will be a place "where all journalists . . . will be treated with dignity."

Yesterday, though, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights called for an investigation of Hamas attacks against two Reuters journalists and another from Ramattan news agency:

PCHR calls for opening an immediate investigation into attacks against 3 journalists while they were covering a demonstration organized by national factions in Khan Yunis on Thursday evening, 12 July 2007, forcing them to delete all video footages and photographs before releasing them. PCHR calls also for an investigation into violations, including beating and degrading treatment, against a number of people who were arrested following the demonstration. . .

Member of the Executive Force detained 3 journalists who were covering the demonstration and forced them to delete video footages and photographs from their cameras. The journalists are:

1) Rami Hasan Abu Shammala, a cameraman of Ramattan;
2) Ibrahim Abu Mustafa, a Reuters reporter; and
3) Bassam Mas’oud, a Reuters reported.

One of the journalists told PCHR that members of the Executive Force took them to the office of the force inside the hospital and forced them to delete video footages that showed members of the force fining into the air to disperse the demonstrations. They also warned and the threatened the journalists not to publish any of those footages.

Posted by TS at July 16, 2007 02:47 AM


When will anyone realize that these People in Gaza are morally corrupt by years of incitement and hatred that they have lost any compassion as human beings? Why do reporters think it is only Ok for this treatment against Israel, and a BBC reporter, this is against western civilization, free press, and human rights. Wake up, these are not friends, they are the enemies of all that reporters stand for.

Posted by: allyson at July 16, 2007 12:02 PM

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