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May 10, 2007

Why CNN Pulled the Plug on Hamas Mickey

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CNN's Glenn Beck explains why his producer pulled the Hamas Mickey Mouse segment based on what turned out to be incorrect claims from unnamed CNN Arabic translators that one word was incorrect.

Posted by TS at May 10, 2007 04:19 AM


Note: the first web site I contacted about the MEMRI mistranslation of the video clip was CAMERA. I am sad to see this organization that claims to support accuracy in reporting defending MEMRI's egregious invention of words when translating the video.

The problem with the MEMRI translation was not only one word. It was several phrases. I can break it down one by one and even give you the words of the girl in Arabic so that you can verify them on your own independently.

MEMRI in its transcript of the video attributed the phrase “I will shoot? to the girl caller of the show, Sanabel. It was actually the Farfour character who said that. He said

I will shoot

The little girl did actually say something then but MEMRI completely omitted her words. The girl said she wanted to draw a picture [of Al Aqsa]. She said

بدّي ارسم صورة
beddi arsem soora
I want to draw a picture

When asked once more the girl then spoke about resisting, MEMRI translated that as fighting. The girl said

بدنا انقاوم
bedna enqawem
We want to resist

MEMRI’s claim is
رح نقاتل
rah enqatel
We will fight

When the girl is asked “what else?? she said she would get shot by “the Jews?, MEMRI somehow translated that as “we will annihilate the Jews?. The girl said:

بيطخّونا اليهود
betokhoona el yahod
the Jews shoot us

betokhoona can be broken down as follows for further explanation:

betokh: the verb “shoots?
oo: the 3rd person plural subject attached pronoun, so it becomes “they shoot?
na: the 1st person plural object attached pronoun, so it becomes “they shoot us?

all in all, the phrase then becomes “they shoot us the Jews?, or “the Jews shoot us?.

To say what MEMRI claims was said, ie. “we will annihilate the Jews?, you have to say

رح انبيد اليهود
rah nbeed el yahood
We will annihilate the Jews

The word “nbeed? here is how you sayd “we annihilate.?

I would encourage anyone here to take this information that I provided and verify it independently using the audio content of MEMRI’s clip and you will see that MEMRI completely invented the words of the little girl on the phone, and that the trust Glenn Beck and everyone here seem to put in MEMRI is clearly a trust very unfortunately misplaced.

Thank you all.

Posted by: MEMRIExposed at May 12, 2007 01:31 AM

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