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February 10, 2007

James M. Wall Makes Yet Another Error

James M. Wall, longtime columnist for Christian Century has made yet another error in a commentary about the Arab-Israeli conflict, but it's unlikely it will be corrected, because the magazine's editors have demonstrated a fundamental unwillingness to exert editorial oversight over Rev. Wall's work.

The error is in his most recent piece "Apartheid Denial." In the article Rev. Wall writes: "In her book History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving, Lipstadt describes her successful suit against Irving as a "Holocaust denier."

As Solomonia reports, this is an "inversion of fact."

Irving sued Lipstadt, as this BBC article about Irving's imprisonment for holocaust denial (which Lipstadt decried) makes clear: "But the author and academic Deborah Lipstadt, who Irving unsuccessfully sued for libel in the UK in 2000 over claims that he was a Holocaust denier, said she was dismayed."

Will the magazine's editors finally step in and print a correction? Probably not.

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