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February 06, 2007

Hezbollah Plants Explosive Charges on Israeli-Lebanon Border

IDF detonates Hezbollah explosives

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center of the ICC reports that for the first time since the Hezbollah/Israel ceasefire, Hezbollah has planted a chain of explosive charges disguised as rocks in the area of Avivim on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Hezbollah's propaganda arm, Al Manar TV, is falsely claiming that IDF penetrated about 20 yards into Lebanese territory in the area of Zar'it without UNIFIL's attempting to halt the action. What is Hezbollah's objective? According to the ICC:

Their objective may have been to send a message to the IDF, warning the soldiers not to approach the blue line in locations where it passes north of the security fence. It is also possible that Hezbollah was planning to activate the charges against the IDF. Politically , placing the charges might be a test case, the first of its kind since the second Lebanon war, to see how the IDF would react (and how UNIFIL, the Lebanese government and the international community would react as well). Experience has shown that such test cases may presage other provocations, especially as Hezbollah progressively rehabilitates its forces and gains confidence.

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