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February 26, 2007

Hamas Spends Millions on Propaganda

Portal for Hamas' most important Internet sites. Recent upgrades costed "hundreds of thousands of dollars"

Much is made in the media about the near-bankrupt state of the Palestinian Authority, which since January 2006, has been under Hamas control. Those like the National Catholic Reporter, who are concerned about the possibility of famine in Palestinian areas, should know that Hamas recently invested millions of dollars to upgrade its Web sites and to operate a satellite broadcasting station.

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reports:

1. A few months ago Hamas began operating a satellite broadcasting station called The Light of Al-Aqsa ( Siraj Al-Aqsa ), and at the same time upgraded its Website system. Both media continue to serve as platforms to encourage terrorism and hatred for Israel, although in recent months they have become more important in the propaganda war and mud-slinging campaign against Abu Mazen, Muhammad Dahlan and Fatah (official Palestinian media are under Abu Mazen's control and Hamas has not yet been able to exploit them for its own purposes).

2. Hamas invested enormous sums in the upgrades. Highly-placed Palestinian sources in Ramallah, most probably supporters of Abu Mazen, told a Jerusalem Post 1 reporter that Hamas had taken millions of dollars of the funds its leaders had received from visits to the Arab-Muslim countries and used the money to improve its propaganda assets. According to the sources , some of the funds were used to launch an English Website for Hamas's military wing (Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades) and the Palestine-info portal received a serious facelift ‚Äúcosting hundreds of thousands of dollars‚Ä? (Jerusalem Post, January 18, 2007).

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