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December 18, 2006

What Part of 'Death to Israel' Does Margot Patterson Not Understand?


Margot Patterson

Margot Patterson, a staff writer at the National Catholic Reporter, is standing by her "reporting" about Hezbollah. Despite its ongoing campaign to overthrow a democratically elected government, continued acquisition of weapons courtesy of Syria, and increasingly flagrant expressions of Jew-hatred, she still thinks the group should be portrayed as a nuanced and sophisticated political organization whose anti-Semitism isn’t worth mentioning.

In a letter to the Jewish Chronicle responding to a piece drawing attention to her indifference to Hezbollah's anti-Semitism, Patterson asks "[M]ust every article about Hezbollah discuss its anti-Semitism?"

Patterson’s genius as a journalist is finding cooperative experts who allow her to write around the elephant in the room: Hezbollah hates Jews as Jews, because they are Jews.

As to her mind-boggling question: “[M]ust every article about Hezbollah discuss its anti-Semitism?�? the answer is in a word, yes. If Patterson were interested in covering this "facet" of Hezbollah's ideology, she might have interviewed Larry Johnson, a former counter-terrorism expert with the Clinton Administration who states that “Hezbollah is the direct ideological heir of the Nazis.�?

With her question, Patterson seems to be angling for her very own entry in an ecumencial update of an old classic.

She has earned it.

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