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December 13, 2006

Metro on Carter

After running pro and con interviews about Jimmy Carter's new book, the Boston Metro newspaper is asking readers: "What do you think of Carter's book?"

As is documented on CAMERA's Web site, Carter's book if full of fabrications, distortions, and other errors. See CAMERA's roundup for an overview of the detailed criticism the book has received.

If you want to write the the Metro on the topic, its email address for letters is

Posted by GI at December 13, 2006 12:19 PM


It is not the purpose of this letter to review Jimmy Carter's presidency. Needless to say that the roots of the conflict with Iran are in Carter's behavior when US diplomats were kidnapped for 444 days and US gained the name "the paper tiger." His destruction of the CIA damaged this organization to this very day. He got the Nobel price for because Begin and Saadat wanted to gesture him. We all remember Amy: In the debate with Ronald Reagan he said he had asked Amy what is the important issue in that election. She said "the control of nuclear arms." Perhaps he should ask her again now. This time she will probably say "the control of nuclear arms of Iran and North Korea." But Amy did not speak so how could Jimmy know what is important? Instead he writes a book "Palestine-peace or Apartheid" which is full with historical lies, errors, misconceptions and support of terrorist organizations. This is not a book intended to promote peace, rather it is inciting war: 1. Carter himself says that he used the word Apartheid to land "grab" not to racism of Israel per se. US Representative John Conyers correctly protested to the abuse of the word, but Carter used it to portray Israel as such. "Apartheid" means that the laws in a given country deprive equal rights from the majority of population. Arab population is about 20% of Israel citizens. They have equal rights, Arabic is the second language in Israel and they are represented in the Knesset. The West Bank is a partially occupied territory under military rule not dissimilar to Kosovo. 2. Geneva and rules of engagement were drafted by Europeans until 1950 before the menace of terrorism was on the horizon. Now we do not have wars between armies, but between multiple terrorist groups which abide by no laws. Who should Israel deal with? With an organization that does not recognize Israel? Why should Israel abide by Geneva Convention laws at the time that Palestinians do not? Clearly these laws are outdated and dangerous to the countries that use them. Europeans, who invented these laws, were consistently unreliable through recent history. If it would not have been for America they would have been defeated in two world wars. Their pious attitude of denial appeals to Carter who quotes that 80% of them believe that Israel is the main threat to world peace. The bombers in Madrid and London did not quote Palestine as being their motive, rather they quoted the Koran and Islamic demand for world domination. The Danish cartoon incident, the killing of Theo van Gogh, the vale issue will bring more pragmatic thinking to the Europeans. At this stage the Europeans cannot be trusted when it comes to the Jewish Israel. 3. Carter clearly lies when describing the war in Lebanon. Eight not three Israeli soldiers were killed initially. Concomitantly 160 Katyusha Hizbullah salvos landed on Israel cities and villages. It took Israel 20 hours to respond. Yet Carter suggests that Israel bombed 7000 targets all over Lebanon before Hizbullah fired a shot. There are many such blatant lies that should alert the public that Carter is not honest and ready to bend the truth. Carter also suggests that a simple exchange of prisoners, terrorists who axed an Israeli woman and her little son and butchered them to death, for the Israeli soldiers. He did not recognize that Sirhan Sirhan the Palestinian who killed Senator Robert F. Kennedy was not parolled in the US. Why should Israel do what USA does not? 4. Carter does not mention where true Apartheid, not "Apartheid" of land, happens. In Palestine as in Arab countries there is religious, ethnic and discrimination of women. Why are Jews not allowed to live in Gaza? Why does Ahmadinejad want to wipe Israel off the map? Why can Jews not live in the Holy Land? Is it not ethnic cleansing? What do radical Muslims such as Hizbullah think about Christians? Carter should have known, but he does not mention uncomfortable facts. The truth is that the Christian community in the West Bank has dramatically dwindled. There are not enough Christians to go on Easter procession in Bethlehem. How many Christians were in Hamas government? Zero. Churches set on fire in West Bank and Gaza after Pope Benedict 16 made his comments on Islam. Free speech of the Pope was not mentioned by Carter. 5. Why does this Israeli Palestinian conflict deserve so much attention by holy Carter? What about Darfur, Somalia, Uganda why do they not deserve the attention that he gives to Israel? After all the 1200 Lebanese, 600 of them Hizbullah soldiers, plus the 400 Israeli casualties do not mount to the killed daily in Darfur. Actually the annual Lebanese killed due to road accidents is more than those who were killed in the latest Lebanon conflict. There is no mention in Carter's book about the 700 Somalis who joined Hizballah and the Iranian and Syrian soldiers fighting against Israel. 6. Carter ignores the G8 summit which was supposed to discuss sanctions of Iran. Clearly Hizbullah, part of Iranian revolutionary guard, was ordered to attack Israel to divert attention from Iran.The Lebanon war had nothing to do with the situation in Gaza. Carter's approach directly parrots the standard media myth that there exists a "cycle of violence," that both parties, de facto, are equally responsible for the bloodshed. The Latest Gaza conflict was the result of indiscriminate firing of Qassam missiles on Israeli civilian and the unprovoked attack on a possition in Israel killing two soldiers and capturing one. There is no need to check the facts as to accuracy as happened with pictures from Lebanon that were doctored yet appeared in NYT. It is this sort of intellectual laziness and moral weakness that in fact perpetuates the conflict, because it does not hold radical Islam or the bellicose intentions of the Arab league to anywhere near an accurate standard of responsibility. Lastly, why did Carter find it necessary to publish this book? Is it to promote peace? How can it be that the partner for peace will be called by the "honest broker" an "Apartheid" state? Is it meant to bash President Bush for his support of Israel? Was this book ordered by Palestinian propaganda machine that invited and financed many of Carter's trips to the West Bank? It seems that the 78 year old gentleman needs Amy more than ever. She was right in the past and is right now: proliferation of nuclear weapons (such as Iran and North Korea) is our major problem. When will Carter learn to listen to Amy? Dr. I. Barr, 6209 Dakota circle, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301. 248 6268324

Posted by: I. Barr at December 14, 2006 09:58 PM

Jimmy Carter is so one sided in his support for the Palestinians that he has lost all rationality and objectivety. He is completely critical of Israel's defensive actions without recognizing the cause: Palestinian suicide bombers, snipers, and other terrorists, for the past six years.

Posted by: Norman Licht at December 14, 2006 10:25 PM

Mr Carter's book is full of fabrications, distortions, and errors.
I've lost all the respect I had for him in the years past. These are serious times...we can't afford to have such misrepresentation of facts.

Posted by: S. Mathieson at December 14, 2006 11:23 PM

Carter's book is biased and so far from the truth it is laughable.

Posted by: Paul Vann at December 15, 2006 01:19 AM

Former President Carter has reverted to type and seems to have lost his reason. His new "reason" is to be irresponsible and untruthful as well as anti-Jewish. There is no other way to make sense of his hateful wording towards Israel which has a rather large Arab population that wants to stay in Israel, whereas no Arab or Islamic country has any reasonable amount of Jews left as citizens, and whoever may be in Syria or Iran who is Jewish is certainly not treated well. Israel, it seems, may not protect itself against shelling and rockets from Gaza, etc, and is always wrong. What's new, Mr. Carter? We intend the Jews and Israel as a Jewish state To survive.

Posted by: Grace F. at December 15, 2006 01:06 PM

I firmly believe that President Carter, it is a shame to call the past President out of his mind but he is. The facts that he presented his own assistant resigned because of the lies and not even steal the work properly.
He made no mention of the 2 billion Dollars a year that was given to the Palestinians. that comes to if my math is corret to 116 billion Dollars that was stolen by his good friend Arafat.
He forgot to include in his book that when The UN
Voted to declare Two States one beside the other
an Israeli State and an Arab state no mention of a Paleatinian State. As the whole world knows going back to at least 1000 years before Christ that the land of Palestiine was the land of the Jews and Jerusaelm was its capital.
The name for the Arabs that lived in this land was given to Arafat by President Carter.He gave it to them so that they can have a status. But this Name doesn't belong to them as they have no land that they can call their own.
Since 1914 the Jewish National Fund Has been buying land from the Sheiks who wandered the desert for hard cash ,and what they were sold was baren land, marsh land,land covered with salt water or land that was pure desert.
This organizaation drained the swamps, planted trees on the barren soil found ways to use the salt water for the crops, and how to make the desert green. Their hard work has payed off. Hundreds of people from all corners of the earth come to their School Ben Gurion University in the Desert to learn how to stop soil erosion,, water saving techniques and new agricultural techniques.
The Arabs were given this opportunity when the Jews left Gaza and what did they do.The Day the Jews left they ransacked and burned the buildings that were used as hot houses The Jews grew Tomatoes the size of A Cabbage and sweet as sugar using salt water to help them grow. And the Israeli used Arab labor to work in these hot houses.
Did Mr.Carter have any thing to say about that or that the Israeli Government was the largest emloyer of Palestinian Arabs. More than any other Arab country.
Did Mr CArter say anything about the Arabs who stayed in Israel from 1948 were granted citizenship,had houses built for them allowed to go to school. get job training, have a business in Israeli,even run for the Kenesset.
Did he refer to the staus that those Arabs that left Israel 320,000 what their staus was in the Arab countries that they went to. Their they were set up in Tents later in shabby shacks, were not allowed to become citizens, no business, no
education or job traing. They were Wards of the UN which fed them and clothed them, all they had to do was sit around drink coffee, smoke water pipes, and make children. and dream of the seventy virgins that would dance around them if they became a Martyr.
For Mr. Carters information there were 870,000 that were chased out of the Arab countries, they lost their homes,business,money and all that they could take with them was the shirts that they had on their backs.Israel took them supplied them with tents as temorary quarters, with the promise as soon as possible they will have good living quarters, schools hot and cold runnig water electricty and sewage systems and roads. The were also given education,job training, help to start a business.
These people were settled in the Northern Part where they planted trees and made the land green
2 million trees have been planted over the Fifty
eight years . These Trees were destroyed by Hizbollah during the last War with Lebenon, also all the business that were established related to the varios grove of trees, that camp sites and hiking trails were destroyed..
Mr Carter claimed that the Fence that Israel built was a means of grabbing more occupied territory.He seem to forget that the Border have not been designated as yet. this green line ythat he refers as the border was the tempory peace line that was established with the permanent borders to be negoitated. He did not say that is was to protect the Israeli Citizens's from Terror attacks. Did he say anything about the rockets that are fired into Israel, or the Tunnels to bring in smuggeled arms. I don't see how he could have missed them they are all over.Oh I forgot his eyes were looking at the Israeli who have closed the passage into Israel. Is that not the way to fight an enemy.Or did he look at the Brave Hamas
fighters who would hide behind women and children
or dress like women and cry foul if the Israeli soldiers fired at them. Or that they cried massacure when Israeli soldiers were chasing after them andthey started to enter the house where they were going to hide and fire at the
Israel Soldiers. was it rubber bullets that they were shooting?
Did President Carter complain when Hamas attacked a women going home for Friday Night to perpare supper. She had her three Children in the car with her when they shot at her auto and when she stopped they shot her in front of her shildren and then they killed the children, what does he say to that.
Does President Carter recall how many times did Isreal give land for peace and got in return more savage attacks and more terroristand rockets.
By what law is there that President Carter assumes that Israel must hire those who want to kill you or allow them free passage into your country.
I think that President Carter When he was invited to see the Demorcratic vote this past year he must have had blinders on as he didn't see the hooded armed men on the roof tops, or the ballot boxes that were lost if was not for Hamas.
or those boxes that were stuffed with hamas ballots he was looking to see if the Israeli were watching.

Posted by: Murray Gorelick at December 15, 2006 08:42 PM

Although Jimmy Carter has undertaken some good hearted projects his career reflects also his tendency to see the trees and miss the forest and his new book is an unfortunate example of that failing. The use of the word apartheid in the title is nothing short of malicious, furthermore, and reflects darker passions of his heart than those he admitted to many years ago in a public interview.

I remind the former peanut farmer that passing judgement is like using piles of horse shit for manure fertilizer. If it is not spread evenly it remains horse shit.

Posted by: Bob Cetlin, Ph.D. at December 26, 2006 12:09 PM

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