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December 14, 2006

Is Barrier a "Land Grab" or a "Land Give"?

The argument by Jimmy Carter and other pro-Palestinian activists that Israel's security barrier is built not to protect Israelis, but rather as a "land grab" looks like it could use some work.

Haaretz reports that the route leaves much private Jewish-owned land outside the barrier:

About 5,000 dunam (1,250 acres) of private land owned by Jews were left outside the separation barrier in the Jerusalem area. The route of the barrier was completed earlier this week. In the Atarot-Neveh Ya'akov area, some of this land is already being used by Palestinians. In other areas, such as Har Gilo and Anatot, the land is currently not being used.

Military officials say that deciding on the route of the fence sometimes required making difficult decisions that take into consideration High Court decisions as well as the demographic map created by the barrier. They emphasize that the barrier harms Arabs as well as Jews, and that most of the difficulties are the result of decisions based on security factors.

Much of the Jewish land at issue was purchased before the establishment of the state.

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