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October 24, 2006

Melanie Phillips on British Hostility

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In today's USA Today, there's more acknowledgment of the relationship—especially in Europe—between problematic media coverage and hostility toward the United States, Israel, and the Jews.

Columnist Melanie Phillips notes:

Much of Britain's anti-Americanism is driven by the usual suspects, such as far-left lawmaker George Galloway or newspapers such as the ultra-left Guardian. Galloway, for instance, said during an interview with GQ magazine earlier this year that the assassination of Blair by a suicide bomber would be "morally justified."

Phillips also notes that rhetoric proclaiming the United States as "the fount of Third World oppression and the greatest threat to world peace" is common on the BBC.

Read it all here.

Posted by GI at October 24, 2006 11:52 AM


Dear Editors:
I seem to remember not many years ago when the British goverment was promising Israel their own Homeland, if they were to send their battalions to help a country that was being bombed day and night.
They called on their good friends from the Far distant place called America to give them the arms and planes and other materials of war, including manpower to fight this battle
I think they called it World WAr II. I also think back and The Island of England was sinking because of the weight of the men and war supplies that was given her not sold by these same United States of America.The same one that they say today that they want to distance themselves from.
.How short is their memory .How many Americans , Israelis gave their lives for Mother England. How much money was given to this once powerfull nation that was down on their knees begging for help.
I hope by their appeasment of the Muslims ,will not be their downfall again. Wake up Emgland appeasment is only for people that have covered their eyes and blocked their ears.
Look what Mr Chamberland did for you. Hitler only wanted a little piece of property lets give it to him how many times until they had to fight from 1939 to 1945.
This time things will be worse as the Muslims have entrenched themselves in all countries and theaten them by shoooting an killing and blaming the Jews for all the evil, when they are the evil....Terror by having masked men who hide behind women and children theaten and kill innocent people. Destruction of property that has been in existance thousands of years.Trying to rewrite history by claimimg things that came from their prophet but was in existance 3000 years before he was born.
On the other hand what has come from the smallest country Israel .Reclaiming the desert, the Cell Phone. Electronic Technology, Medical advancement, Advancement in methods of growing food,More PHDs per capa than the rest of the world.
The first country to send relief in Natural Diasters, Employment to thousands of Palestinians,provide them with water and Electricity as they have not developed the necessary resources.They rather live of the dole of the UN.It is better than working you can spend more time saying that The Jews keep you in poverty.
Remember that the World has given 2 billion dollars a yeara total of 116 Billion Dollars and what have got. People who know how to dig tunnels to bring in arms to fire at Israel. Martyers who want to go the heaven when they kill jews, so that they can have seventy virgins dance around them.what will they do with them when they are dead.
They also have a madman who threatens the with extinction, not caring that once he will use his atomic energy there is no way of stopping the results for thousands of years.There is no way back,yet the worls is raady to appease him.

Posted by: Murray Gorelick at November 1, 2006 07:01 AM

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