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October 19, 2006

Hamas: PR Before Prescriptions

Hamas tv logo.jpg
The logo of the new satellite television program

AFP reports today:

A widening strike by public employees, first launched on September 2, has brought the Palestinian Authority to a virtual standstill, including such vital services as health and education.

Striking doctors and nurses, who like all government workers have not received full salaries in seven months, have forced Palestinians to turn to expensive private clinics or non-governmental organizations for medical care. . . .

"Emergencies only," says duty doctor Abdullah Qowassim, a pediatrician. "We'll treat braim hemorrhages, severe fractures, acute abdomen problems, head traumas, emergency labor cases. Other than that, good bye." . . .

[A World Health Organization official] says at least two people have died because they have not been able to receive proper care as a result of the strike, and warns that many more incidents are likely going unreported.

Nevertheless, the Hamas-led government has just sunk money into Hamas satellite tv, to reach all over the Arab world, plus parts of Europe. The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center observes:

While the Hamas government is bankrupt, the Hamas movement invests funds and efforts to boost its capabilities in the battle for hearts and minds.

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