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October 03, 2006

Ha'aretz's Sins

For the Yom Kippur season, Ha'aretz's Bradley Burston writes asking forgiveness for journalistic sins. Ha'aretz in particular has good cause to ask for forgiveness. Issuing corrections would be a good way to start the repentance process.

As if those aren't enough sins, Idan Yosef of NFC (News First Class) reports that Ha'aretz editor David Landau, speaking at a conference on Sept. 28, admitted:

"I, as editor of Haaretz, say yes. The Haaretz newspaper supported the disengagement, and we maintained that in order to stop the large corruption of the continued occupation of Gaza, it was possible to ignore small corruption."

True, confession is the first step in Jewish teshuva (repentance). But will Landau stop the practice of ignoring news stories that don't match the paper's political agenda?

(Hat tip: Karen M. and IMRA)

Posted by TS at October 3, 2006 03:07 AM


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