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April 11, 2006

More on McGreal's "Apartheid" Canard

CAMERA's two-part analysis of the Guardian's feature comparing Israel to the old South Africa shows how "McGreal’s arguments are uniformly based either on materially false assertions, or on assertions wrenched grotesquely out of context."

Here is some more, from It's Almost Supernatural blog, on McGreal's very selective quoting of a South African Holocaust survivor:

... I spoke about [McGreal's] selective use of quotes from Don Krausz, chairman of Johannesburg's Holocaust survivors association. What better way to depict Israel as a fascist state than to use quotes from a South African Holocaust survivor to support that view?

I said I would get hold of Don Krausz and determine whether or not Chris McGreal misled us with the quotes used from Don Krausz.

I have since been in contact with Krausz and below is the email I received from him.

The email is reavealing. Read it all here.

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