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March 27, 2006

The Haniyeh Pattern


In a March 23 release, Palestinian Media Watch reports that Hamas is denying conciliatory statements made by Hamas' Prime Minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh in March 16 CBS report.

PMW reports that Haniyeh had said

that he was "seeking a peace settlement and stability in this region," "looking forward to peace and tranquility in this region," and "seeking American administration to create this missing peace."

The Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah reported on March 19 that a Hamas MP denied the statements:

[Hamas] MP Mushir Al-Masri denied what was reported in various places in the media about Hamas abandoning its principles, relying on statements attributed to the Prime Minister designate, Ismail Haniyah, according to which he hopes that a peace treaty will be signed with the Israelis. He said that these statements, released on CBS, are unfounded [lit: naked of all truth]. Al-Masri said that these matters are part of a crazy campaign which aims at embarrassing and confusing the Palestinian arena and undermining the trust of the masses in Hamas movement… He added: "the Palestinian media grasps that this campaign should not be related to… and it understands that America endeavors to undermine the [Hamas] movement in the eyes of the Palestinian people…" As to the PM's statements, which have been distorted, Al-Masri said: "the American channel [CBS] broadcast that Sheikh Ismail Haniyah had said in an interview that he hoped that a treaty with Israel would be signed in the White House. I believe that the basis for the controversy over the [Hamas] political plan are the [peace] agreements, which in our opinion bring no benefit…

Sound familiar? It should, as Hamas pulled a similar stunt with Washington Post reporter Lally Weymouth last month.

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