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March 27, 2006

Guardian's Smear Campaign Against Israel Continues...

mcgreal_chris.jpgChris McGreal of the Guardian is at it again—continuing a campaign to tar Israelis as racists. First came his 15000 word defamation of Israel and South African Jewry in February. Recently (March 24) he decided to focus on an Israeli poll suggesting an increase in anti-Arab sentiment.

After 5 years of suicide bombing, decades of Arab hostility, several Israeli-Arabs implicated in aiding and abetting Palestinian terrorism and Israeli-Arab politicians like Azmi Bishara supporting 'resistance' against Jews, Israelis are taken to task because "63% of Jewish Israelis consider their country's Arab citizens a 'security and demographic threat to the state' and 40% think that it might be a good idea for Arabs to emigrate.

When did McGreal ever wring his hands about the eliminationist anti-Jew hatred rampant among Arabs? (In a recent Pew poll , 100% of the respondants in the "moderate" Arab state of Jordan expressed anti-Jewish sentiment.) When did McGreal ever lament the fact that Jews are barred from living in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia? It is only Israel that is the focus of Mcgreal's moral outrage.

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