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March 23, 2006

Footnote 40

footnote40.JPGRick Richman adds to the list of analyses pointing to flawed logic and scholarship in Mearsheimer and Walt's "Israel Lobby" paper.

Richman describes how footnote 40 of the study "misstate[s] primary sources and ignore[s] others"—a case of "academic malpractice."

He says:

... if one reads the entire Barak interview, or looks at the purported “map? [both cited in footnote 40], or reviews the primary sources Walt/Mearsheimer ignored, the point in the text is not only unsupported but demonstrably wrong. It is simply Arafat’s lie, refuted long ago by the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Israel, the Foreign Minister of Israel, and the Chief Negotiator for the U.S.

Read the whole thing here here. (Hat tip Michael J. Totten's blog.)

Footnote 40 isn't the only flawed reference in the "study." For comments on footnote 181 (and other problematic citations), see CAMERA's analysis.

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