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March 22, 2006

BBC Web Site Falls Into Same Old Pattern

BBC laments plight of Palestinian farmers due to Israel's security barrier but leaves its readers ignorant of major suicide bombing attempt

After a dramatic, high-speed pursuit on the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway midday on March 21, 2006, traffic was brought to a halt as Israeli police intercepted a GMC van, apprehended its 10 Palestinian occupants and seized a 15 pound bomb intended for a major suicide terrorist attack in the heart of Israel. Police acted on an intelligence tip. The Jerusalem Post reports that six Palestinian suicide attacks were similarly thwarted last year.

Yet, the BBC Web site has not carried any word about this big news story--the thwarting of what no doubt would have been a multiple casualty attack in the center of Israel. In its stead, BBC has run an article focusing on the negative impact of Israel’s barrier on Palestinian farmers.

To those familiar with BBC, this is not surprising. The BBC has for years displayed a bias in its news judgement, presenting stories which cast Israelis as aggressors responsible for Palestinian suffering rather than as victims of Palestinian violence.

Let BBC know what you think.

Posted by RH at March 22, 2006 02:16 PM


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