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December 16, 2005

Letter in New London Day: Destruction of the United States by the Jews

CAMERA recently reported on an anti-Jewish column published in a university newspaper. The dismay caused by that column may have been tempered by the fact that it was a student newspaper, with student editors, who decided to run the column. Maybe in their inexperience, the editors simply didn't know better. (The editors subsequently pulled the column and apologized for their lack of judgement. The columnist also expressed regret.)

However, editors at the New London Day, who recently chose to publish a revolting letter to the editor, have no such excuse. As professional, experienced journalists, they should have known better than to print an anti-Semitic letter whose theme is eerily reminiscent of Nazi propaganda.

Here is the letter:

Under pressure from Israel and the U.S. Jewish community, the United States went to war in Iraq. Now Sen. Joseph Lieberman and the Jewish community want the United States to stay in Iraq to continue the protection of Israel.

We've heard that the destruction of the United States will come from within. Now we know by whom. Members of the U.S. Congress and the House would not dare to say anything about the involvement of Israel.

The suggestion that "the U.S. Jewish community" will cause the "destruction of the United States ... from within" is not thematically new. The infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels often worked to convince Germans, albeit using slightly more virulent language, that the Jewish community presented a grave danger to the Germany or Europe.

For example, he once wrote:

One must understand the Jewish question in order to understand the present state of the war.... One will search in vain for the answer to this riddle if he fails to consider the Jewish problem.... If one shines a light on the background ... one quickly discovers the cause of the whole spiritual and intellectual confusion, the ferment of decomposition of states and peoples: international Jewry.


Before National Socialism, Germany was in the midst of such deadly danger. Had our people not come to its senses at the last possible moment, our country would have been ripe for Bolshevism, the most devilish infection the Jews can bring upon a people.

Does freedom of speech compel the New London Day to publish anti-Jewish incitement? No—see here.

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