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November 18, 2005

What Threat?

The Nov. 12 issue of the Economist contained an article, entitled "The Hamas conundrum," which stated:

Such is Israelis' horror of Hamas that even the liberal Haaretz headlined the interview [with Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar] "We will kidnap more Israelis is prisoners are not released", though Dr Zahar had not actually made such a threat;

So did Zahar make such a threat—implicitly if not explicitly?

You decide. See the text of the interview here. (Look for the section in which Zahar says: " [Israel] is holding 9,000 prisoners. If they are not released, kidnappings will increase.")

Zahar on Lebanese television, April 2005, reiterating Hamas' desire for the "liberation of ... all of Palestine, from the Sea to the River" (translation by MEMRI).

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