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October 25, 2005

"Stop Whispering"

A column in today's Jerusalem Post discusses the British media, anti-Semitism, and "silent diplomacy" vs. "saying it like it is."

The writer, Isi Leibler, notes:

While many Anglo-Jews insist that anti-Semitism is primarily a product of Muslim immigrants, the reality - as recently confirmed in a London police study - is that the core of anti-Semitism in England emanates from indigenous Britons. They are the ones demonizing Israel in the media. ... It is "white" British academics, not Muslim immigrants, who promote anti-Israeli boycotts and divestment campaigns. And, needless to say, the BBC which has evolved into one of the greatest global agents demonizing Israel is not run by Muslims.

And concludes:

If Jews will not fight back, they will soon have to ask themselves: Is this the sort of society in which our children and grandchildren are going to live?

Read the whole thing here.
And for more about "fighting back," click here.

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