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October 09, 2005

Majoring in Israel Hatred

Dennis Prager

In an Op-Ed today in the Los Angeles Times, Dennis Prager laments:

Yet universities have become society's primary breeding ground for hatred of Israel. This hatred is often so intense that the college campus has become a haven for people who use anti-Zionism to mask their anti-Semitism. Moreover, anti-Zionism itself is a form of anti-Semitism, even if some Jews share it. Why? Because anti-Zionism is not simply criticism of Israel, which is as legitimate as criticism of any country. Anti-Zionism means that Israel as a Jewish state has no right to exist. And when a person argues that only one country in the world is unworthy of existence--and that happens to be the one Jewish country in the world--one is engaged in anti-Semitism, whether personally anti-Semitic or not.

For more on campus issues, see here.

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