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October 14, 2005

Ha'aretz's Fast (and Loose) Yom Kippur Figures

Yesterday IMRA noted:

Ha'aretz's Yom Kippur Eve edition (12 October) includes a headline reading "A quarter of Israelis will spend money on entertainment for Yom Kippur".

Buried in the article and also at the very bottom of the article in super fine print below an illustration of results, Haaretz mentions that the results are of a poll carried out by Geocartography that was limited to secular Israeli Jews. The poll found that 49% of secular Jews planned to fast and 76% had no plans to spend any money on entertainment (rent movies, etc.) for Yom Kippur.

Telephone poll carried out by New Wave of a sample of Israeli Jews for Yediot Ahronot Percent who said they planned to fast on Yom Kippur: Total: 70% Men 66% Women 73% Age 18-24: 77% Age 65+ 49% Education below high school 77% College educated 64% Yediot Ahronot 12 October 2005

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