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August 15, 2005

Boston Globe Criticizes Divestment

Sunday's editorial in the Boston Globe condemned the campaign by the Presbytarian and other churches to divest from Israel:

... some churches are planning to threaten divestment of stock in businesses that assist the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. This is counterproductive. ...

Jewish groups in the United States are outraged, and understandably so. Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles called the action "functionally anti-Semitic."

The divestment campaign by the American churches isn't prejudiced, but it is naive. Any action that implicitly compares Israel to apartheid South Africa is bound to cause offense among many Jews. It is also wrong.

On a related note, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently met to vote on an anti-Israel resolution, which attacked the Jewish State's right to self-defense by calling for Israel to halt construction of the "wall." In an attempt to counter misinformation spread by the church before the vote, CAMERA ran an ad in Florida (site of the convention), Chicago (home base of ELCA), and Minnesota (many church members) area editions of USA Today. See it here.

The resolution, which does not specifically threaten divestment but vaguely calls for "stewarding financial resources—both U.S. tax dollars and private funds—in ways that support the quest for a just peace in the Holy Land", passed 668-269.

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