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August 16, 2005

ABC TV Ignores Context of Previous Israeli Concessions

terry moran.jpg
ABC's Terry Moran

In an August 14th ABC Sunday World News Tonight broadcast that dealt with the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, correspondent Terry Moran stated without qualification:

Never before has Israel returned land seized in war to Palestinians.

Similarly, the following day, on Good Morning America, Moran said:

Never before has Israel handed over land it seized in war to Palestinians for their future state.

This description fails to bring into context the fact that Israel had turned over large parts of the West Bank and practically the entire Gaza Strip to Palestinian control as part of the failed Oslo accords. (After repeated Palestinian terrorist attacks claimed numerous Israeli lives, Israel was forced to reoccupy some of this land.)

Also unmentioned is the fact that while Palestinians have lived under many different regimes — Ottoman, British, Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli — Israel is the only one to have turned land over to the Palestinians despite being the only one with deep historic roots and claim to the land.

Posted by MK at August 16, 2005 05:33 PM


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