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July 28, 2005

Major News Media Silent on Arrest of Terrorist Hidden by Palestinian Authority

According to the Israel Defense Forces Web site, Tammer Hassin Sa'id Gaer, 24, a resident of Ilar village near Tulkarm, was arrested on Monday, July 25, by the IDF. An official IDF statement asserts that "the Islamic Jihad terror infrastructure which he belonged to was responsible for the 'Stage' terror attack last February and the terror attack in the Netanya Mall earlier this month."

On February 25, 2005, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside of the popular Stage nightclub on the Tel Aviv promenade, killing 5 people and wounding 50. After the July 12, 2005 bombing at the Hasharon Mall in Netanya that killed 5 people and wounded 90, Gaer reportedly was staying in the Palestinian Authority's Special Forces Building in Tulkarm, and was active in the military under PLO protection. Gaer was caught by the IDF after he was detected staying with one of his assistants, Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Badda, a member of the Palestinian Security Forces.

Many major U.S.newspapers, including The Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and USA Today ignored Gaer's arrest, considering it not even worthy of a brief. Yet this capture of an Islamic Jihad organizer believed implicated in the murders of more than a dozen people, who apparently had been protected by and enlisted
in the Palestinian Authority's own forces, came one day after the U.S. military liaison told a congressional committee that the Palestinian forces were not ready to fill the vacuum to be left after Israel disengages from the Gaza Strip. Lt. Gen William Ward said the PA forces were top-heavy with officers, poorly trained, badly motivated,and generally unfit to carry out their responsibilities.

The example of Tammer Hassain Sa'id Gaer supports Ward's description; it deserved to be reported.

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