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July 31, 2005

Hamas Indoctrinates Youngsters at Summer Camp

Matthew Stannard of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on Hamas summer camps for youngsters where the fun includes paramilitary training:

At one beach camp, attended by approximately 100 kids, an instructor wore a heavy flannel shirt under which a webbed belt could be seen strapped to his stomach. Asked by a reporter what it was, he answered, with a broad smile, “Boom!?

The instructor led a group of young teenagers through marching drills on the sand -- facing movements, close quarter drill. With a smile at the reporter, he put a megaphone to his lips.

"What are you?" he called.

"Monsters!" the kids replied.

"What are you?!"


As the instructor, Sa'eb Dormush, stepped aside for an interview, a youth in the group shouted out "moqawama!" -- resistance.

"That is the first word they learn when they are born," Dormush said with a laugh. "This is the next generation."

And the camp sing-alongs are all about killing Zionists:

Across camp, a group of younger children -- most between 10 and 12 -- sat in a circle in the sand singing one of the "intifada songs" they learn at camp. One boy sang verses in a rolling soprano as the others joined in on the one-word chorus.

"We don't want to sleep.

We want revenge.

Raise it up.

Rifle fire.

If it will take a thousand martyrs.

Kill Zionists.

Wherever they are.

In the name of God.


Just another example of the Palestinian incitement that prevents any meaningful peace negotiations and resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Hat tip: LGF)

Posted by RH at July 31, 2005 01:34 PM


Why on Earth are we giving a state to these self-proclaimed monsters?

Posted by: Laura at July 31, 2005 06:50 PM

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