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July 20, 2005

Fatah to Palestinian reporters: No stories that "don't benefit the struggle of the Palestinian people"

An eruption of inter-Palestinian violence in Gaza, between the Palestinian Authority and its main rival, Hamas, is off-limits, it seems, for Palestinian journalists. Fearing civil war, the PA has cautioned against shining a light on the clashes.

The syndicate warned that anyone who violates its instructions would have to bear the personal and legal consequences of his or her deeds.

Referring specifically to local photographers, the syndicate urged them to place the national interests of the Palestinians above all other considerations.

"Refraining from covering these sad events will end the current conflict," it pointed out.

Posted by CameraBlog at July 20, 2005 03:56 PM


Even ordinary Palestinian teenagers know how to spin the news for gullibe foreign reporters.

This Greg Myre store of a Palestinian boy apparently stabbed to death by Israeli "settlers" is in my morning NYTimes.

Problem is, before I went to bed at perhaps 10:00 pm EST last night, was already reporting a well-authenticated report that this was a feud between two Palestinian clans. And explaining that one of the boy's companions had admitted to police that he misidentified the assailants as "settlers."

I am sure that the Times will print a correct story tomorrow. I wonder, however, why the Times has not run the story about Fatah instructing Palestinian stringers to slant the news?

"Late on Wednesday, Reuters reported that a Palestinian boy had been stabbed to death by Israelis in the West Bank, citing reports from unidentified Palestinians.

The boy was taken to Rafidiah Hospital in Nablus, and Dr. Musa Alayan, who examined the body, said he had found 14 stab wounds to the head, chest and abdomen, but initial reports were sketchy.

The boy, identified as Yazan Musa, 12 or 13, was playing with a friend near Qaryout on Wednesday when he was stabbed by Jewish settlers who had marched in the area, Reuters and Israeli radio reported.

The Israeli police had received a report from the Palestinian authorities that the boy had been killed and had begun an investigation, said a spokesman, Shlomi Sagi. He said he could not immediately confirm any circumstances of the killing."

Posted by: Diana at July 21, 2005 07:05 AM

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